Android Authority

Pioneering technology, again.

Android Authority is the largest publication dedicated to the world's most widely used operating system; with over 30 million monthly visitors. Working with Android Authority for over 5 years, we have been part a major transition within the business - diversifying and developing the product and brand positioning for this global movement.

We are continuing to work alongside Android Authority; to strengthen their offering and maximise the potential of their brand experience. Evolving a successful and driven user journey and online presence, which captivates new and existing audiences on a global scale. This includes their website, application and the brand itself. Android Authority continues to pioneer the media of technology, again.

A seamless website.

This digital product requires close attention to detail, with user interfaces providing audiences with a savoured and seamless online experience. Whilst working with our client we have seen an increase of over 200% in audience size, within the last year.


A handheld experience.

We have crafted, designed and developed the new Android Authority application - launching early 2020. This 'all-in-one' experience provides tech enthusiasts with the latest news within the mobile industry.


"Luna transformed our brand and our product. Providing millions of users with one great brand experience!"


Darcy LaCouvee
Co-founder, Android Authority

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