Uniting the modern workplace.

There are many online platforms which try to encourage collaboration within global workforces. However, these applications are solely focused on productivity. Workplace by Facebook understands the importance of a positive work community, as well as productivity. It is a platform which is human-centric and driven by the people within a business.

Job titles can have a negative impact within a working environment; reinforcing hierarchy which inhibits collaboration and community. Therefore, we created LifeTitles. A platform where people can create a personalised phrase to replace their job title; which provides an accurate and more meaningful reflection than their job title ever could.

The core experience.

LifeTitles starts with an online experience. We built and developed the website from the ground up, crafting a unique algorithm that gives you your very own unique phrase - that you can then use to share with your colleagues but more importantly replace your job title with.


Crafting the campaign.

We made sure the campaign was human at heart. This is how and why people related so well to it, whilst letting everyone try it out themselves. We launched the campaign through out of home print ads and digital billboards.  


An interactive incentive.

The purpose of the whole campaign is to show how Workplace By Facebook can bring people together - get rid of hierarchy and break down barriers. This is rendered useless if c-suite bosses don't or won't implement the product. We sent out a selection of handcrafted Viewmasters to bosses with employees who tried LifeTitles,  giving them a more human outlook on their team.  


"The success of this project came from a great deal of hard work and dedication from the team"


Derek Yates
Course Leader, Ravensbourne

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