Unclouding the sleep industry

Toppio began as an answer to an issue. Lousy sleep = lousy day. Working alongside Toppio, we realised how clouded it can be purchasing products from competitors online. We helped brand, copyright and bring their product to life.

With a brand focused on affiliate marketing, mind-share becomes an essential criterion for successful branding. Toppio needed a look and feel that inspired trust and reliability, whilst instilling itself as the logical option for all potential buyers, either tomorrow or 5 years from now. With a clear strategy of no-nonsense communication, the right vehicle for that messaging is essential. A fully custom typeface creates an inviting brand, whilst separate typefaces for headings and body copy allow for balance across a range of design situations.

A sustainable brand.

Toppio will never use any fancy marketing terms like “floatfoam or active cooling”. Saving all the “fluff” for their toppers. It's simple, Toppio offer three products. All three toppers come in three varieties; Too Soft, Too Hard, and Just Right. That’s the best way to describe them, so that’s what we named them.


The Toppio Story.

We worked with Toppio to get to the heart of their narrative, to understand what makes them unique and strive as a brand. We created a suite of content for them to use across print and digital.


Packaging you want to keep.

Packaging shouldn’t be a throwaway item. Toppio was a chance to demonstrate product packaging that is both elegant and functional. Inspired by the same ethos that drives the minimal and no-nonsense design; No frills and no fluff. Just clean, simple and elegant.


"Luna was a pleasure to with, helping us with our re-brand and product positioning - we can all sleep happy now!"


Mark Davies
Marketing Co-ordinator, Toppio

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